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Use the Languages as written with the following changes:
Equestrian Common (Ponies and about everypony else)-Replaces Common-
Highland (Native Language of the Griffon Enclave)-Replaces Dwarven-
Elken (Elk native Language)-Replaces Elven-
Boarish (Native language of Boardor)-Replaces Ork-
Zebrew (Native language of Zebrica)


The nature of the gods in Equestria is starkly different than those of Galarion. Gods take a much more active role in the day to day lives of ponies and many other creatures. Celestia and Surprise both interact with their followers in person. The sun goddess even rules over the land of Equestria, while Surprise! simply wanders from place to place in disguise. Discord god of chaos on the other hand is sealed in stone and sits in the royal gardens in Canterlot. This has the obvious effect of making religion much more prevalent in the day to day lives of everypony. The church of the sun acts as leaders of local governments as well a the court of the Sun goddess herself. While the church of the Moon is no more a few remaining devotees wander the country side protecting unknowing villages from the dangers of the night. The word is a theocracy, the churches run just about everything and your choice in your god can tell you a lot about where you are in society.

Luna LG Domains: Darkness, Law, War, Magic, Good
Celestia NG Domains: Sun, Good , Healing, Glory, Nobility
Surprise! CG Domains: Trickery, Chaos, Good, Air, Travel

Faust LN Domains: Artifice, Protection, Law, Strength, Community
Bone Mistress) N Domains; Death, Rune, Knowledge, Repose, Fire
Grandmother Ursa CN Domains, Animal, Plant, Water, Chaos, Earth

Nightmare Moon LE Domains: Darkness, Death, Law, War, Evil
Tapestry of Stars NE Domains: Destruction, Evil, Luck, Liberation
Discord CE Domains: Madness, Trickery, Chaos, Evil, Charm


Before Cutie Marks
A Land named Equestia
The Great Harmony
The Nightmare Heresy
The Rise of the Ponyfinders


Canterlot, Capital of Magic, and the Equestrian Nation
Lore +2 Culture +3 Crime -3 Trust -2

Stalliongard, Capital of Industry
Lore +1 Culture +1 Crime +2 Trust -1

Cloudsdale, Capital of War
Crime -2 Rumors -2

Fetlock, Home of the Ponyfinders

Trottingham, Former Capital of Magic, Home to the Magic Academy


Hoofington, Where dark secrets lie beneath your hooves

Gallopfrey, Lost to Time

Flankfurt, A hive of scum and villainy


Trail Blazer – Earth Pony, Stallion, Ranger, Founding Member of the Ponyfinders, Former Element of Loyalty

Chronicler – Pegasus, Mare, Bard(PonyFinder Chronicler, Founding Member of the Ponyfinders, Former Element of Laughter

Winter Coat – Unicorn, Stallion, Wizard, Head of the Trottingham Mage Acadamy and Founding member of the PonyFinders, Former Element of Magic

Nova Blaze Earth Pony, Hero and poster colt of the PonyFinders

General Iron Curtain

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