My Dear little ponies,
It has come to my attention our world if far from achieving harmony. From the south the mighty nation of Boardor raises a fearful army boar warriors. Our Allies to the east, the Elk, do nothing but ponder the end of their races dwindling numbers. To the west the buffalo migrate further and further into our territory, and in the north the Griffon Enclave has begun to mobilize for war. In times of turmoil like this some would call for larger armies to be built. Civilatiation to come to a stand still to make way for the impending war. I find something else must be taken into account.
I am sending you on a mission of peace to study the meaning of friendship. Go out to our neighbors. Work with them and stop the spreading curtain of war from warping this world in endless darkness.
F. Field
R. Recon (and)
I. Intelligence
E. Efficiently
N. Negating
D. Distant
S. Sovereignty’s
H. Huge
I. Impending
P. Problems
Your Princess and Godess of the Sun Eternal,

PonyFinder Operation F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.P

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